Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sixth circuit Rebukes Activist Judge

As I predicted back when the Carter appointed activist judge from the ED Mich. ruled for the ACLU in ruling that the NSA eavsdropping policy was unconstitutional, I told all the pundits who were foaming at the mouth that it would be reversed on appeal as none of the folks had standing to bring the suit. The district court opinion ignored precedent and was simply the venting of a liberal anti bush judge who just wanted to make headlines.

The Sixth Circuit reversed the decision and held that these folks had no standing to sue. This was plain and simple and ignored by the mainstream press when they reported on the michigan judge's decision. As I've said, the press should stick to reporting about paris hilton's boob job.

Read the opinion if you dare here.


Jenny! said...

The press suck ass at reporting anything but liberal news and as you said Paris Hilton's tits!

Srcohiba said...