Sunday, September 23, 2007

On any given day...

you'll find that a certain asshole is stuck on something. Usually it's this...

Often with a generous helping of:
Always with a side of:
What isn't so obvious all the time is this:
This is standard fare:
And the specialty of the house:
Of course the faceless, nameless blogger from Broward has plenty of this:
While claiming he doesn't have any, he's got a full pantry of this.

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beakerkin said...


I found an excellent book on the Montes spy case True Believer by Scott Carmichael. I find it amazing that many Americans can recite Polard, Franklin and Feith.
However, almost nobody has ever heard of this far more serious matter of Cuban espionage.

Oddly the very people questioning the loyalty of Jewish Americans have the clearest history of treason repeated numerous times.

Communists should never be employed in government at any level. The Montes case is just another example.

Do not look for this book at your book store either.