Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama "The Manchurian Candidate"

I don't know if you noticed this about Mr. Obama, but I have. I've been observing the three pathetic candidates we have to choose from in the coming presidential election and I have been concentrating on how they display emotions. Although there is a lack of emotion present with all three of them, I have noticed this much more with Mr. Obama. He seems to be in some kind of trance, I don't know maybe I'm just hallucinating here, well maybe because I am strongly biased about his way of thinking but then again, I'm definitely not alone in this observation.

It just seems to me that he doesn't show any real emotions at all. It's rather obvious to me that he has been sort of programmed, just by the way he speaks, how he answers the questions that are thrown at him, he doesn't seem to be human to me. He hardly smiles, his responses are too convincing and too conventional, it's rather weird, I must say. By convincing, I mean his answers are, just what anyone would want to hear but it doesn't seem as if they are coming straight from the heart. The gestures he makes, his physical presence, the way his head rotates, it's like looking at a robot. Everyone already suspects that he's a phony, that's for sure, but I'm kind of going a little further with this.

Perhaps you have seen the movie The Manchurian Candidate, not the remake, the 1962 version with Frank Sinatra. I haven't seen the latest version and really don't care for remakes in general, but anyway, there's a scene where Lawrence Harvey is sitting in a dark room having a drink when all of a sudden this beautiful blond steps into the room from a glass door that leads to the garden outside, she's wearing an oversized queen of diamonds playing card, that was freaky! I wonder, who knows, with all these conspiracy theories going around, could he be the Manchurian Candidate, but with a sort of twist? And who could be controlling him?

That might be a little far fetched but still there's that lack of emotion and especially, that lack of compassion in Obama. This seemingly heartless individual actually has a chance to become president of America. Wait one second, could it be that we are the ones being hypnotized or even programmed? Could it be that all these people who have jumped on his bandwagon are just a bunch of Manchurian Candidates. Maybe this is the twist, maybe Obama is wearing the queen of diamonds? Who Knows? What's your opinion here?


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Sociopaths do not show emotion or feel compassion for others. It's all about them and their needs and wants - not ours. You are merely a pack of slaves to these anointed ones but you are deluded in the belief that you are free.

Morgan said...

If you're talking Manchurian Candidate, the most obvious suspect would be either Jeremiah Wright or Michelle Obama.

As to whether Obama himself is carrying the queen of diamonds, I don't know. If that's the case, Hillary Clinton also has a queen of diamonds herself. It could certainly explain the high level of loyalty their supporters have.

Solangel said...

It looks like Obama has a following similar to the "Stepford Wives" and he's the lead Robo-commie. Solangel

Gayle Miller said...

The post is dead one and the analysis by the other commenters is extremely insightful.

And where has your blog been all my life? I love it.

Jose Reyes said...

Thank you all for your comments up to now but there's more! I will have a part 2 by no later than Saturday mourning, it will be my last post concerning the "Manchurian Candidate", so you can stay tuned. I think I have the ultimate question concerning the Manchurian Candidate, we will figure this out, somehow. Continue on please with your analytical interpretations of my post here. Thank You, Jose Reyes (

Jose Reyes said...

I'm sorry for the delay, I'm still working on it. Will have it by the middle of the week. Jose Reyes (

Jose Reyes said...

Part 2 "Going out on the Limb" is out now:
Let me have your view? Thank You, Jose