Sunday, May 29, 2005

Chavez leads the way???

Purusing the internet I stumbled up this from the The Guardian:

Something amazing has been taking place in Latin America in recent years that deserves wider attention than the continent has been accustomed to attract. The chrysalis of the Venezuelan revolution led by Chávez, often attacked and derided as the incoherent vision of an authoritarian leader, has finally emerged as a resplendent butterfly whose image and example will radiate for decades to come.

My response:

oh wait resplendent butterfly...


God, when will the world learn. People were saying the same thing about Fidelito DECADES ago, and look at Cuba now! Why doesn't it phase anyone that Chavecito and Fidelito are "friends?" Heck, Mussolini and Hitler were "friends." How many dictators will it take before the world realizes that oppression is intrinsictly evil no matter how "peaceful" or "just" or economically prosperous they claim to be.

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