Monday, May 30, 2005

Cuban Author Teresa Dovalpage

(Bueno, I've been meaning to do a post on Teresa since I started this site, and thanks to Mora (from I now know Teresa has a website, and so I think it would be good to give one of my favorite Cuban authors some free publicity.)

As I slowly entered into the world of Cuban blogging last year, I came upon a forum for this new Cuban author Teresa Dovalpage (who at that time was just Teresa Doval.) Anyhow, after a few very brief chats I was so impressed by her position on Che, Fidel and Cuba, that I went out and bought "A Girl like Che Guevara." I devoured the book over night, and likewise I later bought her spanish book, "La Posesas de La Habana," which is SUPERB.

She has a wonderful sense of description, and a real projection of Cuban Characters (as I read "Posesas" I can immediately visualize friends and family acting, speaking and suffering in the way her characters do.) "Posesas" also contains what she described to me as having: "many more Cuban vulgarities, ay…" And though I was taken a back from it at first, I have found from family and friends that have come over lately, that vulgarity has become a prominent part of Cuba's reality today. One family member, who just came over last year, went so far as to say that almost no one in Cuba dances decently anymore (todo al perreo).

Her writings are a glimpse into the heart and soul of a people surving under opression and disillusioned idealism. I highly recommend it to any and all who want to understand the mind inside Cuba and the clearest stab at the irony of Che.

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