Wednesday, June 01, 2005


This post is dedicated to all of those Cuban-American's, who don't live in Miami, New York, or the north side of Chicago. Yeah, the kind of Cuban American who can use a good Cuban Sandwich, fresh Mammey (or Sapote para mis gente Orientales), or some freaking ICE COLD Ironbeer (con leche condesada, of course.) Well, so long as you have an internet, then not only is delicious Cuban food at your finger tips, but so is a plethora of Cubaneria all at:

Cuban Food Market

I've actually been to it's Miami based store "Sentir Cubano," and it is without a doubt CUBANISIMO. I love it. And I've met la gente there, y son cariñosas, decentes, y professionals. Check it out!

Oh, and for afterwards I recommend buying the toliet paper with Fidel's face on it.

(laxatives not included).

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