Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mirta Ojito

In 1980, there was a massive exodus from Cuba to the southern tip of la Florida, from a port name Mariel. Many misconceptions have arisen about the people on the boat. The widely view understanding here in the States is that they were all criminals, or bums.

That fact is, that this understanding is not true. Many of the Marielitos were every day Cubans who disagreed with the every day doings of fidelito. One shining example of the reality of this is Mirta Ojito's own story in "Finding Mañana." A powerful, and reedeming story, that will open ones eyes to the reality of the simple people, not crooks or nut cases, that stepped into a boat, sailed away from their homeland and not look back at the corruption the Fidelito created.

Here is a short passage from her book:

My parents, who were poor and simple folk from the countryside, had never been fans of Batista, but they believed a good government was one that stayed our of the way and allowed individuals to work hard to provide for their families. Batista did that. Fidel did not. Fidel demanded loyalty.

Finding Mañana: A Memoir of a Cuban Exodus

I highly recommend it.

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