Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Typical Argument

"At least everyone gets an education," is the most common response by Castro suck-ups to defend Cuba whose people lack total freedom y comen cable cada dia.

Bueno, as I was searching through Teresa Dovalpage's website, I found an article where she brings in clear spanish the errors of Cuban education, explicating how there was no debating the professor (which I know I've done enough times here in the states), how works like Borges is banned, and how anyone who challenges the education system gets labeled.

Those who argue in favor of Cuba based on education, quite frankly need an education. For what kind of education exists that doesn't allow the freedom of differening thought, independent opinion and just down right disagreement? Not a good education but rather a bad one. A poor one. The kind of education that exists in Cuba, among other oppressed nations.

Here is a suggested list, from Teresa, in order to improve Cuban education:

1) Ofrecer asignaturas electivas
2) Contar con la presencia de consejeros o psicólogos, particularmente en las escuelas de enseñanza media
3) Proporcionar a los estudiantes (y también a los maestros) a comidas nutritivas a precios módicos.
4) Emplear a maestros que cuenten con la preparación adecuada
5) Mantener una comunicación efectiva entre la familia y la escuela
6) Eliminar la "emulación"
7) Revisar todos los libros de texto que se emplean actualmente

You can read each point in detail here: Sobre la educación en Cuba)

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