Sunday, May 22, 2005

Typical liberal cry baby with nothing to say.

As usual, I find myself having heated discussions online about Cuba. Given that it is impossible to change someone who is firm in their ideology, I normally leave one comment. And if there is a need for clarification I'll post two. I generally refrain from swearing and name calling, when I can, and I always try to present the facts.

Well, in looking for postings on La Asamblea I stumbled into an article at The article was about a A site that I not only tend to enjoy reading, and visit frequently, but has been the inspiration this very blog site. Anyhow, almost all of the comments made there were not only against the Babalu site, but they were so smack of blind ideology that I was compelled to throw my three cents in.

Bueno, with my argument I included a link to the historic La Asamblea, and in typical fashion these people decided to attack La Asamblea not being historic, rather considering my argument. Asi que, I clarified what I meant by historic y Ya I told them my policy about replying. And as always, instead looking at the argument these kind of people look for something to whine about, and so I recieved the following comment:

It is odd that you have decided not to respond to the post. I assme it is due to a fear of cogent arguments contrary to your own. Too bad. But then again, it is this actitud pendeja that caracterizes a large number of the Miami Cuban community. Your brief foray into our debate was nevertheless appreciated..."

(I did in fact respond to the post.)

Apparently, my response as to why la asamblea is historic, was either not enough or just simply ignored. So instead of commenting on my view point, I now have an "actitud pendeja". I guess name calling is what he meant by a cogent argument.

But don't take my word for it... here's the link: Miami-Dade blogger's Cuban slant draws fans

You be the judge.

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