Monday, May 23, 2005

No voy a hacer el de la vista gorda

On the news there has been much about Posada, and in typical fashion it is shaped in such a way that some see him as a terrorist, and some see him as a freedom fighter.

A friend who is not Cuban and is rather astute with the news asked me if I thought Posada was a freedom fighter or terrorist, and what should the US do with him?

These kind of questions annoy. Please do not be fooled by this media induced word play. Killing innocent people is neither about terrorism nor freedom fighting but down right murder.

I am for democratic solutions in Cuba, as I am for la asamblea and other peaceful demonstrations. However, to witness the slaughter that Fidel, Raul, Che and others did to innocent Cubans and Americans does not justify what Posada allegedly has done to innocent people. I know this might get me some emails from my own people, but in resorting to violence on innocent none of these men are freedom fighters.

My answer: What is Posada? If guilty: a murderer. What should the US do? Well since Fidel, being a murder himself, is in no place to talk or make demands. He should either shut up, or put his money where his mouth is and trade himself, with his brother and all the darling images of Che for Posada.

Until then, Fidel can sit on his thumbs.

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