Thursday, June 16, 2005

About freaking time

After May 20th's historic event, little was done to fidelito for not refusing some Polish politicians and several journalists. As a matter of fact, many in the EU responded by wanting to create more diplomatic relationships with Cuba. HUH?


The Miami Herald Reports that during a meeting on Monday, June 14th:

The EU ministers condemned as ''unacceptable'' the recent efforts of Cuban authorities in Havana to silence opposition to the rule of Fidel Castro. They also slammed last month's expulsions of several European politicians and journalists who wanted to attend an opposition rally.

Asselborn said there would be ''more intense and regular dialogue'' with Castro's opposition. ''These meetings will have to continue,''

and the clincher

European Union foreign ministers demanded on Monday that Cuba remain open to dialogue on improving human rights or face another freeze in relations with the bloc.

That's right, the EU has finally come around and condemned the abuse in Cuba. And this is extremely important because for a long time, any attack on Cuba was said to be Yanqui influenced. Now, we don't like the EU a whole lot, and the EU doesn't like the US all that much either, and in lieu of the comments made by EU's Asselborn I would like to see fidelito explain himself out this one.


killcastro said...

But still they will RE-EVALUATE the "Cuban Issue" in 2006 in the meantime it's all kissy-kissy with Kasstro.

Robert said...

Strong words...but unfortunately no action. Same old same old until next year at the earliest.

Gracias Zapatero! :(

Songuacassal said...

Bueno, the maxim is true: "Entre el dicho y el hecho, hay mucho trecho."