Thursday, June 16, 2005

Raices de Esperanza


To establish a plan of action for the youth's role in a pluralistic and democratic transition in Cuba.


To unite the Cuban community in exile and within the Island across generational, ideological and economic divides, in the pursuit of a pluralistic and democratic Cuban society.

In the spirit of the centennial anniversary of independence, and in tribute to the internal opposition leaders, during the summer of 2002, the Georgetown University Cuban-American Student Association ("CASA") and the Harvard University Cuban-American Undergraduate Student Association ("CAUSA") began to mobilize their contacts among the Cuban-American exile community in order to organize a student-run conference on the future transition of Cuba.

The future belongs to the youth, and these Cuban-American youth have mobilized, they have organized, and they are making their voices heard:

We are here to stress our solidarity for the youth in Cuba, and let them know that this is a global effort and that they are not alone. We stand by them and look forward to the respect of human rights so that one day they can seek justice with their own voices.

This is one more contribution to the ever growing tapestry against fidelito. This is the insurance that our thirst for Cuba's freedom will not die con nuestros padres o nuestros abuelos.

Here's the link. Read the site, subcribe to their news letter, and support them in what ever way you can. The flame is lit and is burning bright; it is our responsiblity to PASS IT ON.

(H/T: Val)

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