Friday, June 10, 2005

"Ay Mamá Inés, ay Mamá Inés, todos los negros tomamos café".

(Ay Mama Ines, ay Mama Ines, all the black people are drinking coffee.)

It's a song that every Cuban knows, on or off the island, young or old, negro o blanco. And for those who may not know the words, the melody is inescapable.

But who exactly is/was Mamá Inés? Well, Juan Perez Has a wonderful section in his website on Traditions in Cuba.

Aside from Cafe, Tabaco y Ron, Bailando Salsa y jugando Domino. It is important to keep tabs with our traditions! Read it and learn something new, or refresh something known, y que sigue la tradicion.

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Mario Bruno said...

Qué siga la tradición y qué siga la identidad!!!
Congratulation for your beautiful site, even for those like me who are not cuban but feel your amor de Patria.