Friday, June 10, 2005

Unmasking the Hype

Lets cut to the gist shall we. The AI comment on Guantanamo Bay being the "Gulag of our times" had less to do with the prisioners condition then it actually had to do with the prison and it's location. Along with the embargo, many from touchy feely people like Jimmy Carter to down right anti-US sympathizers like Mandela also claim that the Guantanamo Bay is unjustly held by the US and should be undone with. The logic seems to procede that if scandal would close Abu Graib, then scandal would close Guantanamo. That's why it was called a Gulag. That's why Newsweek spread the erroneous news and loved every minute of it until it was proven false. It wasn't about US/Muslim relations, it was about US/Cuba relations. And what you should look out for now is more news about those protesting the closing of Guantanamo.

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