Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mi Cyber Abuelito

Though I wasn't born in Miami, as far back as I can remember I've lived my life there. Then, it was in 2001 that I had to move to Chicago for buisness purposes.

That was difficult.

No more, salty beaches, beautiful sunsets, warm weather, y coño the squirrels are prettier than the girls here (if you are a female Chicagoan and are prettier than a squirrel please feel free to contact me).

And though I can certainly cook Cuban food, it took a while before I was able to find a place that sold Ironbeer, Malta, Materva, Jupiña, and Cocorico. And to this day, fresh Guarapo and Coco Frio are impossible to find here (and buying coconuts in winter does not count).

So I turned to the web. And the very first CUBANASO page that I found was Juan Perez.

What can I say but that I felt at home. And all the stories and history and folklore that I used to hear from mis Abuelos came through in this site. It was my first cyber home away from home, and it inspired me to roam around the web and make some sort of Cuban presence. I still visit this site. It's like a nice hot buchito of Cafe Cubano to wake up my senses and remind me what we lost because of Fidel, and why we should continue to fight.

If Val is this site's "Blog Father," then Juan Perez is my "Cyber Abuelito."


Kathleen said...

Songuacassal, I can't get the link for Juan Perez to work?

Songuacassal said...

Kathleen, I believe I fixed the problem! The link should work fine now!