Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another Face Lift

After seeing the great work that Songuacassal did here on the Cuban-American Pundits blog with the re-design, I decided to clean up my other site, trenblindado.com. I thought I'd call your attention to it. Trenblindado.com started out as a static page that I created in Microsoft Word, of all things. As the size and scope of the site grew, I realized that I needed to upgrade the site and use software that gives me greater flexibility. I use a Mac G-4 powerbook running system 10.3.9 so I dropped by my local apple store and picked up a copy of Freeway Express 3.5. I highly recommend it for all you would-be webmasters out there. I hope you enjoy the new site. In addition to hopefully being more aesthetically pleasing, it's easier to update and hopefully I'll find time to add new content more frequently.

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