Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Castro the Comedian.

Lately, I have been paying really close attention to the ridiculous public statements uttered by the idiotic Fidel Castro. If it weren't for the suffering of very real human beings, it would be the funniest reality show in the world.

Below is a translation of a news story from the Spanish News Service EFE. Original Spanish story available at http://es.news.yahoo.com/050712/185/45pto.html

Castro offers advice to Spain on energy saving policy

Havana, 12 jul (EFE). - The Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, offered advice to the Spanish Government, presided over by the Socialist Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, on the policies undertaken by Spain to save energy.

Castro referred to a plan recently approved by the Spanish Executive that, with an investment of 8 billion euros, is intended to save nearly 4 billion euros annually, through the installation of energy saving light bulbs and the use of small electrical power stations, among other measures.

"We invested less to save more", commented the Cuban leader during a special program on Cuban local television evaluating the impact of the Hurricane "Dennis" that crossed the island Friday and left at least eleven dead.

"We can advise them, if they want, and we won't charge them anything (...) we know where the the equipment is and how much it costs", stated Castro.

The hurricane, according to the National Electrical Union, "has divided the electrical system of the island in two and has left tens of thousands of people without power and water.

The blackouts of Friday, due to the passage of the hurricane, also affected Castro in the Palace of the Revolution, according to his comments on Cuban television.

"I lost power that day (Friday) at night, I remained without power, because of human errors, it was a shorted plant", indicated Castro "In the house of the blacksmith, a wooden knife is found", he joked.

The Cuban Government is in the midst of a campaign of power saving that includes, among other measures, the distribution of five million power saving light bulbs and of thousands of electrical rice cookers.

Cuba is suffering a serious electrical crisis that in the last months has caused daily blackouts of up to eight hours in some parts of the country and that has been agravated after passing of "Dennis".

Castro reiterated that the problems of power delivery facing the country will be resolved totally in the second half of the next year.

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