Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Strong doubts about the mental health of Fidel Castro

Translated from infobae.com

The dictator participated in a television program when he forgot what he was saying and became angered with the host and producer for having interrupted him.

For a long time
the health of Fidel Castro has been speculated upon in Cuba. But a recent public appearance on a television program on the island seemed to confirm the rumors. It showed him to be lost and even annoyed when a telephone communication was cut.

The dictator participated on a panel which analyzed the impact of the hurricane
Dennis, that had caused serious destruction to the island, when the host of the program advised him that they had a communication link with a journalist who was reporting from the place through which the storm had passed .

Fidel, who is 79 years old, remembered that "through that region the mercenaries had entered" at that point a movement behind camera, warning that the communication [with the journalist] had been cut, distracted and angered him. "They cut off my inspiration", protested Castro, very annoyed with the journalists. "three times they have already interrupted me while I was recounting what happened with the mercenaries".

The host only assented before the words of the Cuban leader, who also challenged his collaborator. "Ernesto, be seated", he requested of one of his advisers.

The program continued and a storm expert explained the phenomenon of the hurricane and how these types of storms form. Fidel interrupted to explain that when there are areas of low pressure they generate the conditions for these storms.

But what was most surprising was that he did not know how to identify the tide phenomenon and waves in the sea "the waves go above?", he asked, and the expert in meteorology was forced to explain to him that yes indeed they did.

The speculation on his health, the serious fall he underwent the year last after delivering one of his interminable speeches, and the lapses in his memory seem to be the symptoms of the inexorable passage of time, for he who has for more than 40 years been maintaining his power with iron rigor while opposing democracy.


The Universal Spectator said...

Dying the death of a dribbling idiot is too good for him.

howarde said...

At any time he dies, dribbling, senile or as a raving lunatic, the Liberal Press will eulogize him in the most laudatory terms and make him a hero for the ages, ignoring his thousands of executions and cruel punishments of people in opposition to his tyrannical rule.

Shot and hung from a tree or pole, upside down like Mussolini, will be a picture long remembered and one fitting for his crimes and for the world to see and remember him by.