Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Deeper Truth (Updated)

In an apparent retaliation to the recent dissidence that has been occuring in Cuba, castro is now using kids to promote the revolution.

Vanessa Bauza from the Florida Sun-Sentinel states:

At an age when most kids play stickball or videogames, Lazarito Castro focuses much of his energy on promoting Cuba's socialist system, one speech at a time.... "When the comandante ceases to be with us, we are totally sure the path of the revolution will not be destroyed, neither by imperialism nor by capitalism," Lazarito said with characteristic zeal as he sat with his parents at their comfortable suburban Havana home.

Yeah that's it fidel. When the adults no longer buy into the failure of the system, lets go after the kids who don't know any better.

It is as with any spoken or written word that there is always a deeper truth as to what was said, as well as, what was not said. First off, Lazarito's comments about the comandante's ineluctable death and wishful survival of the revolution is an indication that there is a great fear up in the ranks of the Cuban government that the defeat of their system is possible. If not, then their confidence would suffice a comfort level that would not need such advertisement or "Battle of Ideas". Moreover, it is clear that if this boy's purpose is to inspire other youths about the revolution, then clearly the revolution itself is thus not inspiring on its own. For if such a revolution were, then the fruits of the system would satisfy all inspirational needs.

Interestingly enough, as the revolution is defended a qualifier is placed next to it: the revolution will not be destroyed, neither by imperialism nor by capitalism. And to that I would say yes. No level headed Cuban on or off the island wants a Cuba to become property of any Imperialist country: be it USA, Britain, Canada, or even France. And capitalism alone will not suffice an end to castro's oppresive machine, because Cuba's black market has been good and strong for decades and the oppression still continues.

What has not been said, however, and what needs deeper reflection is that the defeat of opression in Cuba will come the day that the Cuban people collectively realize that a minority on the island needlessly possess the majority of the wealth -their potential wealth. History has taught that, no matter the leader or opressor, humanity remains rather benign with whatever system they are under so long as the minority do not possess a needless, and over abundant, amount of wealth. What Lazarito failed to mention is that as more and more Cubans on the island are becoming aware of the unfairness inherent in the system between the rich few, who belong to the Communist party, and the deprived masses, making ends meet day to day, a counter-revolution is inevitable -a counter-revolution that indeed has already begun not with capitalism nor imperialism, but with the people demanding their equality.

Robert from 26th parallel goes deeper into the truth that is revealed in this article here!

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Did you notice this from the article:

Values vaunted in the 1960s and '70s -- self-sacrifice, solidarity and the rejection of consumer culture -- are still instilled in today's youth, but Cuba is no longer as insulated as it was then. Tourism, foreign investment, American pop culture and visiting Cuban-Americans offer young people a different world view, making the role of schools in teaching ideology perhaps more significant than in the past.

I posted on this in my blog and commented on Babalu. Vanessa justified the reason why lifting the embargo will do no good.