Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Freedom Condos?

Between the 1960-70's Miami's Miami Daily News building was leased by the U.S. government as the primary processing center for Cuban refugees fleeing Fidel Castro. The building, which would become known Freedom Tower has served as the portal to freedom for nearly 400,000 Cuban refugees.

Mis padres, abuelos, tios, y primos always spoke about how they arrived in the US and stayed in the tower. I often hear about how they were given Wrigleys chewing gum and Coca-Cola while they were there. And I continue to see the warm nostalgia on their faces each time we pass it going to Bayside or some other Down Town location.

Bueno, the richness and history of this building isn't stopping developer Pedro Martin, turning it into an eyesore. Aside from wanting to convert the tower into a Mueseum, which is commendable, Terra Group's Pedro Martin said he plans to tear down part of the landmark building's rear and erect an undulating $500 million condo behind it. (Miami Herald)

I have no hateful words for Martin or Terra Group Developers. I understand that they are trying to make negocio, and the Freedom Tower location is an ideal location. However, turning a landmark into an eyesore is un-excusable; there are some things worth more than money. And as consumers, and Cuban and American consumers at that: boycotting, peaceful protesting, direct complaining, and cordial letters of disapproval are not beyond us.

With that here is Terra Group Developers Contact Information:

Terra Group
1200 Brickell Ave. 18th floor
Miami, Fl. 33131
Website:Terra Developers

Let's work to preserve the dignity of our nation's, and our culture's, landmarks.

It was brought to our attention that their email address is not working. We have replaced it with their website.

Robert, from 26th Parallel, has some late breaking information! Click Here


Jose Aguirre said...

The Freedom Tower is our Ellis Island. I agree that preserving the Freedom Tower should be a very important goal for all of us as it is a major part of our history and Miami's history.

Our local politicians (through thievery and incompetence)rip us off to the tune of millions and millions at the airport, the seaport, etc. but they can't invest a few million to protect our historic buildings.

Christopher Trottier said...

I agree with you. Once you destroy history, you never have it back.