Thursday, July 21, 2005

We're Going to be Witnesses to History

OK, this may be wishful thinking but hear me out. As many of you know, I have published another site called It's basically what got me into writing about Cuba.

Then I was invited to contribute here. So recently, a lot of my attention has been on reading news reports from the island and issues that affect Cuba/US relations. All that having been said, I perceive that events are unfolding that point to a possible "breaking of the proverbial camel's back." Kind of like the events that led to the collapse of the USSR.

The anti-embargo crowd is apoplectic. Castro is losing his mind. Some of the international media is beginning to finally report on the realities of Cuba. The opposition movement is starting to grow and be recognized both internationally and on the island. Hurricane Dennis has created a lot of tension between everyday Cubans and the repressive regime.

All of these things, I believe, are converging to create an environment in which a radical change may take place. Let's keep up what we're doing. Educating open-minded people. Talking about Cuba. Keeping it in the public eye. We may just be on the eve of what we've all been waiting for.


Songuacassal said...

GREAT POST CONDUCTOR! History IS in the making: fidel's time IS numbered. And though heroes and victories only go to a handful of histoy book figures, it's only so because of the countless shoulders they stood on to get there: shoulders like us, our readers, and all those listed in our Cuban Link bar (only to name a few.)

No matter how great or how small a role, we as Cubans, Cuban-Americans, and all, who standing for justice and liberty, oppose fidel have a crucial part in determining the out come of this war against oppression.

For the love of Cuba: This is the time to act. For the love of freedom: this is the time to make a difference.

It is the duty of man, to raise up man. One is guilty of all objections that one does not help to relieve. -Jose Marti.


Sorry for the sermon Conductor... I got a little carried away!

Howarde said...

The important thing is to topple him before he dies, to force him to flee the island like the coward he is, or to catch him and put him in one of those small cells where he has imprisoned Cuban heroes, the Dissidents.

How? I don't know, but the cacaphony of those who have suffered at his hands is rising, and exposing the lies and hypocricy is all-important now, not after he is buried with World honors. Is this a pipe dream? It does not have to be, because the voices on the Internet are gaining significantly. The biggest hot-air balloon in the western hemisphere, fidelito, will suffer from all this exposure, these pictures of the steady deterioration of the Cuban infrastructure, and the ineptness of those in charge.

Keep it up! Every Blog is a good one that exposes the chicannery going on in Havana today, and that shows up those who Champion his causes, such as Belafonte and Glover.

Robert said...

Great post Conductor.

There's a momentum that wasn't present even a few months ago when I started paying very close attention to the news coming into and out of Cuba.

The internet and blogs are powerful media that can get the word out quickly, let's continue to push until the bearded bastard falls!

Songuacassal - great job on the banner!