Monday, September 05, 2005

A few good posts

As I posted here a couple of days ago, the anti-American left is falling all over themselves to blame George W. Bush for the ongoing tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. It's impossible to have a rational discussion about these events with a liberal. Even conservatives, influenced by the MSM, are buying into the argument that all these bad things are happening because New Orleans is a black city. Oh brother!

I suggest you read Hog on Ice. He has a great post about how the State and local politicians are covering their asses and blaming Bush. And he's got another one about how Bush is supposedly responsible for all the world's ills.

And last but certainly not least Mahone Dunbar has a great post about the thugs that have been roving the streets in New Orleans at Paxety.

We've only just begun to hear the riduculous accusations. Fasten your seat belt.

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