Tuesday, September 06, 2005

George Bush Hates the French too.

Huffington's Toast reminds us that the European heat wave of 2003 killed more than 14,000 French residents. Clearly, since he's the root of all evil, George Bush was responsible for this. And if your French and black (Sounds like New Orleans to me) then your you have two strikes against you.

Here we have a Category 5 hurricane striking a city below sea level and still more than a million people were able to get away and the highest projected death toll is still lower than that caused the French AC shortage. Of course if you were one of the people that got rescued on the first day, the TV camera's aren't interested in you.

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Jose Aguirre said...

It has become increasingly clear that the MSM is intent on blaming Bush for Katrina, no matter how much blame might belong with Mayor Nagin , Gov. Blanco and others!