Monday, October 24, 2005

Ok, I was wrong...

Not about Wilma being a bitch. She certainly lived up to that billing. I was wrong about her coming here. I'm glad that I put those shutters up, though my back is doubly inflamed now that I've pulled most of them down so I could have a little breeze in our powerless house. My neighbor across the street had an avocado tree that is now in my front yard. It came to rest neatly next to my SUV. Nice. As much of a mess as Wilma made, it would have been much worse if Katrina had not blown through here a few weeks ago. A lot of the weaker trees were alreay felled and cleared away as a result of that storm. Happy to report that Ana, I, and our new greyhound, Buddy made it through OK.

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Robert said...


Glad you and your family are OK.

Wilma was well-behaved and large, so the forecast was actually a pretty easy one once the timing issue got squared away.

Most of the time we're going to put up shutters and not get the full brunt of a hurricane. That's because the actual chances of getting hurricane force winds in any one location for any one storm are actually quite small. Wilma was big, so the hurricane force winds covered a much larger area than the average storm.

I hate putting up shutters, but that's part of life in hurricane alley I suppose. We're back to the days of the 20s, 30's and 40s when hurricanes (big ones too) hit South Florida quite regularly. Bet you there wasn't any talk of global warming back then!