Wednesday, November 09, 2005

As Fate Would Have It

Be it fate that as I make a post about how bad Cuban Rum has become, I recieve in the mail my long awaited free cigar for becoming an Insider member at Toraño Cigars. And because they took a while in sending it to me, they gave me TWO!

For those who don't know, Toraño cigars originated in Cuba and were forced into exile like Bacardi. In the World of Cigars, they are my favorites. And they compliment Bacardi 8 wonderfully, I sometimes can't drink Bacardi 8 without wishing for a Toraño. And after blogging a large post about Rum, I was preparing to pour myself some Bacardi, and as fate would have it I got myself two cigars in the mail.

I would like to warmly thank Carlos and Charlie Toraño for their letter and stogies.

Any for anyone interested their website is:


Alfredo said...

I have not tried Tora~no cigar, my favorite cigar is La Gloria Cubana
series R #7. I am aware of their reputation, need to check ou the cigars!

Songuacassa said...

Alfredo! I love La Gloria Cubana and actually have their Cigar box in my room! And if your going to try toraño than I suggest you get Reserva Selecta, which is probably their best one -though their Exodus 1959 Silver is as good. Oh, and don't forget the Bacardi 8.