Friday, November 11, 2005

Extra-Curricular Activity

In my visit to Egypt, our tour guide was describing how many a tourist, mainly Italian, would come to the south of Egypt for sex. This prompted one of my classmates, who we will call Maria, to blurt: "shit, like in Cuba." This of course prompted me to turn my head and ask as to what Maria exactly meant.

This is what she described:

A few years ago Maria was doing an independent study on Santeria for her masters and went with a group of students (NOT TOURISTS) and spoke with some Babalaos and surveyed the history of this Afro-Cuban Religion.

On the first day of the trip the guide, the professional guide from the University, asked if any of the students (NOT TOURISTS) were interested in going to certain locations to meet up with prostitutes. I can only assume that this was Extra-Curricular Activity, that the University was willing to sponsor but not pay for.

Maria told me she couldn't believe how blatant the guide was and how it was almost as easy as buying sovenirs.

Yet the story goes on...

You see Maria is Mexican, which in Cuba is the one way ticket off the Island. Marry a Mexican and you have the right to move to Mexico. Of course one the couple gets of the Island, divorce coincedently happens. And so she was not only offered a prostitute, but several of the Cubans who accompanied the group were trying to match her up with a suitor. Maria, being married with a kid, was in shock and spent the rest of her time in Cuba with these people trying to set this guy up with her for immediate Marriage! She later found out why when a Babalao who she was meeting with explained it to her.

Maria explained, or should I say confirmed other things that many of us know and have blogged about.

I just wanted to make this remark, because not only is Prostitution alive and well and hell THRIVING in Cuba -it's apparently endorsed by several Universities in Cuba.

After all, aren't fidel's Prostitutes educated ones?

I guess it does make sense that the education system should do some alumni supporting.



Kathleen said...

I wonder how much kickback fidel manages to skim from this "enterprise"?

songuacassal said...

knowing how the system works he's pimpin' it with the money