Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Castro Has Parkinson's ?!?! (Update)

I just saw this on the news. I'll post more as I find the truth!


Nice to see that Babalu and Kill Castro beat me to the punch, and though normally I try not to republish what other bloggers have already covered: this is an exception.

Okay, for the record he MIGHT have Parkinson's, I got to the News midway and things sound like he sure as hell did! Got a little excited there, didn't I?

Reuters reports that the CIA claims that castro has the disease:

The CIA has concluded that Cuban President Fidel Castro suffers from Parkinson's disease and could have difficulty coping with the duties of office as his condition worsens, an official said on Wednesday.

The Guardian has an aricle entitled: US claim Castro has Parkinson's

"About one year ago, we started seeing some pretty definitive stuff that he had Parkinson's," said a CIA official. In October 2004, Castro fractured his knee and broke an arm in a fall shown live on national television, and observers have noted that his lengthy public speeches have become more rambling.

And finally Science Daily concludes the thoughts with:

There has been no independent confirmation of Castro's illness, or any indication of how the CIA came to its conclusion.

Parkinson's is not fatal, nor will it kill. Rather it is a disorder in the brain and spinal cord whereas brain cells that produce the inhibitor dopamine are damaged. As some may know dopamine is a chemical that tells the body how and when to move.

Thus damaged brain cells = less dopamine = erratic and difficult movement.

Between his past falling and his latest rambling, as the Guardian points out, and his hand shaking in the air (comedians make fun of this all the time) I am convinced that he does have it -if not chronically.

Be this true or not, what it calls to mind is the fact that he is indeed human meaning many us will witness his fall: from health, from power, or death itself.

All that we hope for is justice, peace, and truth. A hope that justice will served to fidel and his cohorts. A hope for peace for the people on the island. And a hope for truth: that the realities of his regime be exposed for the world to see. And if Parkinson's is a means -then so be it.


Val Prieto said...


Our blogs, these collections of news and editorials and truth, may never serve directly to topple the tyranny. But, years from now, when the people of Cuba are finally allowed to breathe and see freely, they will serve as a record of truth. A record of the reality that 11.4 million people have been boondoggled on for decades.

Subcomandante Bob said...

More on the Castro Parkinson's story at the National Nitwit, America's top source for dubious information.

Songuacassal said...

Subcomandandte Bob, interesting site, though it seems more dubious than an actual source for anything.