Monday, November 14, 2005

More Bloqueo Debunking (Update)

In today's article from the Chicago Tribune entitled: Mitts off the Internet, Iran, China, Cuba . . ., Dennis Byrne, a Chicago-area writer and consultant, attacts the world community's need to interfere with the US owned and running internet:

Is the Internet so broken that it needs to be fixed by the likes of Iran, Cuba, China, Ghana and France?

They think so, but the United States--the country that developed and now runs the Internet--doesn't. That it's ours explains why they and--here it comes-- the United Nations think it should be theirs too. Just because....

Arrogance? You bet. Dangerous? For us and the world, absolutely.

The article goes to detail the up coming summit in Tunis and how many countries are not pleased with the US monopoly of the internet -countries like China, Iran, and Cuba.

Within this whole article, only two of the three countries in the title are referenced: Iran and China. Cuba is only in the title, and I must say that got me thinking.

Think with me now.

The world community is complaining that though domains are distributed by the non-profit ICANN, the Internet is essentially a US monopoly.

If it's a US monopoly, then it's US property.

The UN just recently called on the US to end the Embargo

If there were indeed an embargo, or a total blockade as fidel likes to call it, then the US monopolized internet would never have stepped foot in Cuba. A blockade, as fidel describes it, is a total blockage of property exchange, and according to Kofi "slick finger food" Annan's UN the internet is U.S. SOLE PROPERTY.

A propety that shouldn't enter through the that God awful "Blockade" that fidel so often whines about.

But then there's this.

and this.

and let's not forget this one.

or that one.

Oh and lets look especially at this one, which is dedicated to fighting "el bloqueo".

Isn't it ironic that Cuba is "fighting" the evil bloqueo using what is essentially US monolopized property -the internet.

Yup, fidel, there's your "bloqueo" hard at work.


Val and CB take on the details of the summit in Tunsia.

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