Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Things Fall Apart 2

I recieved an email from a Xavier L. in response to my previous article Things Fall Apart asking me "What kind of pressure?"

Asere, the pressure is money.

I would like to start by saying that I AM FOR the embargo, because I AM AGAINST castro's control of the economy. However, at the same time I AM ALSO FOR sending money to family, friends, and small buisness owners who we trust, because I AM AGAINST the suffering that castro is oppressing the people with.

With that said: the embargo is incomplete without the covert sending of money to the those who we know need it.

Only, have the embargo and the US/Miami Mafia gets get the false rap for strangling an entire island while castro rides his BS "bloqueo" coattails with the world crying at his feet.

Also, give money covertly to those on the island whom you know need it and you shake the economy. Now, it's true all roads lead to fidel. But money has to purchase something along that road (like electricity), also, any financial purchase that is above the status quo becomes a sign of comfort (ala the "new rich"), and finally if all else fails, a purchased product can be sold for money, even more money, (illegal resturaunts).

First rule of capitalism, money makes money: give me a hundred and I will make you 1000, give me 1000 and I will make you 100,000. This is why fidel raised the cost of electricity, the supply of electiricity is not meeting the payable demand of the people. This is why he is searching people's houses, any mark of uncommon status irritates the hell out of your everyday person -and when they band together you have a revolutionary wipeout. This is why he has raised the salary of the more educated, it's an incentive to jump start and combat the mediocrity that socialism has bred and will always breed.

If we, as Americans, believe that property is a right that secures freedom, then we, as Cubans, must contribute what we can in order to promote this way to freedom on the island. As Cuban-Americans it is our duty to apply pressure on fidel's island, and we can do so by promoting a firmer Embargo AND sending money to our loved ones who we can trust.

Cuba Si. Castro No.


Albert Quiroga said...

Marxism does not work because it irrationally and delusionally denies human nature. Same thing Alexander Yakovlev figured out - unfortunately not until after millions had died so that a few evil elitists could pursue their "utopian" nightmare.

Read Mr. Yakovlev's thought on this distructive ideology, an ideology which is nothing more than pseudointellectual cancer, here:

Songuacassal said...

Exactly. I actually just read through Marx's Communist Manifesto, and boy was he full of shit. In the name of helping the poor, he creates a delusional ideal driven state for the working class and advocates violence for it's accomplishment.

The problem is that though helping the poor is wonderful, the average working class is not interested in working for an "ideal." The average working class is interested in making ends meet. And there is no possible system that can meet everyones needs.

And thus communism leaves its people weak with unfulfillable promises resulting in a state that is ripe dicatorship.

Thanks for the link alberto! I'm going to add Firmas Press to our link page.

Carlos' article is excellent

Charlie Bravo said...

I am with you Songuacassal!
Read my Money and Insurgency post!