Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Things fall apart

Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
The falcon cannot hear the falconer,
Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold,
mere anarchy loosed upon the world.
-W. B. Yeats

Maybe not so much in the actual world, but in fidel's world does this seem to be holding more and more true.

It is a matter of evolution that all life must survive: that it adapts and moves beyond it's narrow confines. It is a matter of entropy that all things eventually wind down to nothing. Something must die in order for something else to live. Both entropy and evolution are at play in Cuba.

castro's latest actions, his lastest cracking of the whip, show how fidel is loosing control. When he is forced to invent the convertible peso to justify the US money that is snuck, he has lost control of the money in Cuba. When he is forced to send people door to door to take a census of possesion, he has lost his battle of ideas, because if these people were indeed the minority as he claims, then there shouldn't be any reprocussions.

But there are reprocussions.

CCN reports on how fidel blaims Cuba's electricity rates for soaring because of private businesses, such as family restaurants, for benefiting from subsidized electricity and using up too much power.

BBC taking on a different perspective reports on how salaries of those who Cubans with Masters and Doctorates will earn more money as a response to Cuba's new rich - principally intermediaries and independent restaurant owners who have profited from this economy's very limited opening up to private enterprise.

The problem, as castro alledges, is that these private businesses are draining the economy and forming a second class or "the new rich" as he calls them. In order to combat this, fidel raises the salaries the those who have higher degrees. If we can pretend to ignore the fact that the middle and upper class of Cuba are members of the party and tourists, then what one see's is fidel creating a legal and separate economic class.

Coup's and Revolutions happen because of unfair divisions, be it the former Criollos who worked harder then the Spanish and got paid less, or the Colonists who were unfairly taxed in comparison to the British.

Though it would be premature to say that Cuba is on the brink of another revolution, it is indeed safe to say that if for the sake of survival, more and more people on the island evolve beyond the empoverished confines of communism, then castro and his brother will face an increasing movement of entropy in their own party. And with this creation of a legal economic class, those who work hard cutting cane for pennies only to pay for hiked electic bills will not appreciate the intellectuals on the island getting paid more for barely lifting a finger. And the "new rich?" history's shown that they side, and fund those, against their oppressors.

Again, it's premature to concretely conclude anything. However, there is an aparent crack in the ice, a slight widening of the gyre, and all that's needed is time and more pressure.

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