Monday, December 19, 2005

Reflecting on Iraq War Veterans

Tonight I caught the tail end of Tom Brokaw's Special Report, 'To War and Back'. I can't do the report justice so I hope you get a chance to see it for yourselves. As a supporter of the war both before and currently, I was moved by the the toll that war takes on those who fight it on our behalf. All I want to say after seeing this report is THANK YOU! Ladies and gentlemen of the United States Armed Forces a grateful nation will never forget your sacrifices. At least I won't.

I also want to thank the President for making one his best speeches tonight. The fact is that before the war, a long list of reasons was given of which WMD was only one, albeit a big one. If Saddam wasn't guilty of possessing WMD at the time of the invasion, he certainly was acting like he did. President Bush is extremely clear on one thing, a withdrawal before security and normalcy can be established in Iraq would be a disaster for both Iraq and the US.

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songuacassal said...

Man, I was at work today and a soldier just got back from Iraq and was at Mass. Afterwards, he met with the Priest who celebrated the Mass after talking the Priest blessed him, and this man, this US soldier broke down into the most profound tears that I have ever seen someone cry.

Withdrawal before security and normalcy IS sucidial. With cases like what I witnessed today, I just don't understand how anyone could want the labors of these soldiers to go in vain.

So many liberals want peace in this world without the work or the price. It's as if the concerns of a rock stars or actors are good enough. What they fail to grasp is that in order for there to be life, something must be sacrificed -if not die.

And this cannot be done half-assed.

Between this post, and what I witnessed today, I too would like to give an immense thank you to all our soldiers who have, and are, still fighting for peace in this world.