Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Value factor

Perusing Granma.cu (Cuba's very own mouth piece of lies and deceit) I stumbled upon this article Granma International wins four awards at Press Festival, which caught my attention -after all, who in their right mind would give Granma an award?

Duh, the Cuban Gov. of course!

This was the 7th annual Cuban Press Festival, and was organized by none other than the head of the Ideology Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, AND the Political Bureau of the Communist Party.

In other words, this is a BS award that has to do more with communist ideology and politics than it does with actual news. There is no rigorous journalism here. There is no space to expand and seek out the truth despite Gov. opinion. And thus I'm surprised that they even bothered posting their win, since the award has no objective value whatsoever.

However, when one expossess the light of truth against the black veil of corruption, the only option that corruption has is to suppress and cover this light.

Thus, when a journalist is imprisioned in Cuba there is an immense value in that, because this journalist becomes a living witness of the corruption he/she spoke out against. If the journalist was ever wrong then the Government wouldn't have anything to fear, the individual's error would speak for itself and no harm will be done. However, when any Gov. is impelled to detain journalists on the sole basis of disagreeing with him/her the Gov. is admiting through these actions their own corruption.

This is the reason why the only real prize of value for journalists in Cuba is imprisionment, deportation, or death. These three consequences are a the tangible and physical report of castro's very own corruption. It's as Jose Marti said: "Only oppression should fear the full exercise of freedom." These prisioners are witnessess to that oppression.

This is why the award that Granama won is a mere public recognition of this news source preaching to the choir.

And my friends that isn't journalism -that's propaganda.


Albert Quiroga said...

It is my understanding that Granma does fill a great need in Cuba, due to the shortage of toilet paper resulting from the internal embargo imposed by kagaSStro since 1960...

Therefore, it should win a prize for "crappiest publication in the Western Hemisphere."

Alfredo said...

What a surprise since their is no competition!It's basically giving yourself an award for not telling the truth,not reporting all the atrocities, and responsible for keeping one of the most brutal regimes in this hemisphere in place. I wonder when they are going to give Lucia Newman her award?

Robert said...

Thanks Songua, must have been tough to go into the Granma site to pull that stinker out!