Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I received the following poem via email.


No quiero ser como el “Che”
yo sólo quiero ser niño,
disfrutar de mi inocencia,
de mis padres el cariño.

No quiero que a mí me asocien
con ese vil asesino
que fue abortado en la Pampa,
mal ejemplo de argentino.

No me obliguen a vestir
la ominosa pañoleta
que la sangre de mi pueblo
con su rojo representa.

No me pongan a marchar
como si fuera un soldado,
quiero me dejen jugar,
yo no aspiro a miliciano.

Que no me enseñen a odiar
a un enemigo inventado,
quiero yo poder amar,
no quiero que me hagan malo.

No quiero que me conviertan
en otro niñito malo
que vigila y que delata
a sus padres y sus hermanos.

Me niego a que se me inculque
esa doctrina malvada
que ha separado familias,
que ha destruido mi patria.

Crecer quiero libremente
en mi tierra de mambises
donde todos los niños puedan
aspirar a ser felices.

Quiero ser como Martí
ejemplo de patriotismo
¡No quiero ser como el “Che”!
¡Yo sólo quiero ser niño!

Cástulo Gregorisch


Here's my translation to English:

I do not want to be like "Che"
I only want to be a kid,
to enjoy my innocence,
and my parents affection

I do not want be associated
with that vile assassin
who was aborted in Pampas,
a bad Argentinean example.

Do not force to me to dress
with that ominous handkerchief
that the blood of my town
with its red it represents.

Do not make me march
as if I were a soldier,
I want them to let me play,
I do not aspire to be militiaman.

Do not teach to me to hate
an invented enemy,
I want to be able to love,
I do not want them to make me bad.

I do not want them to turn me
into another bad boy
that watches and exposes
his parents and siblings.

I refuse to be indoctrinated
into that evil doctrine
that separated families,
and has destroyed my fatherland.

I want to grow freely
in my land of the mambises
where all the children can aspire
to being happy.

I want to be as Martí
an example of patriotism
I do not want to be like "Che"!
I only want to be a kid!

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Patricio Texidor said...

I just got a poem today, like you over email, by Cástulo Gregorisch. It is titled "Soy." I am posting it on my blog, and wanted to check to see if anybody else had already done it. That's how I came across your post. I have visited your blog before, but didn't notice that the poem you posted was by the same poet until now. I sense a softer edge in his views on Cuba that are very alluring to those of us who are interested in expressions of the spirit. Cástulo Gregorisch's work is so typical of our Latin culture and in stark contrast to the pragmatism of northern Europeans. I will post a link to your post on mine.