Thursday, March 02, 2006

Disgust and Hope... What kids are blogging about these days...

If you read any current psychological, or sociological, study on today’s youth, you will find that this current generation (from teens to mid-twenties) are not the hot headed nihilists of Gen. X, nor are they the proactive and rebellious Baby Boomers, This current generation suffers from both a name crisis, as it does an identity crisis. Known as Gen. Y, Milleniums/Millenials, Emo's, and other titles, what is certain is that this is the first post-modern generation -a generation who places their subjective reality above the objective reality. At their best, they are as idealistic as the WWII generation; at their worst they lack the will to act in this world and are content living in make believe.

Why the intro?

Well, I work with youth. And to keep on the top of this kind of work means that I have to watch the shows they watch, and surf the web where they surf. A day I don't do this is a day I fall behind. And where do today's youth go?

No, it's not exclusive to youth, but the fast majority is under 25. So, yeah, I've been doing a lot of web surfing on myspace especially the music section, and when I hit my saturation point -I go and see what's Cuban on myspace. Sometimes I strike gold: Justice for the 4, Hermanos al Rescate, Cuban Americans Unite and Free Cuba foundation blog (sites that are dedicated in spreading the truth about Cuba and the hope for it's future).

And sometimes, to my disgust, I find the future pyrrhic revolutionaries of the world at Free People's Movement and Rebelion Co., if you follow the links, you'll see every other site I ran into.

I was disgusted to see Che and the words HERO next to him. To see that these are kids, teenagers and 20 something's, who are growing up in the US, trash not so much the ills of the US, but the very fundamentals that the US stands on. I mean if situations were reversed, what they are doing would be against the law in the communist countries they support. I could go on, and so could you, but the one thing that hit me was that these group of young pyrrhic revolutionaries are living in their own world. These are the type who won't act and are content in living in make believe land with their biggest achievements being tons of Che pictures on myspace and a sold t-shirt or two.

The generation of rebellion has thankfully passed a long long time ago, and what we are left with is a new generation kids and many of them in need of a reality check. If anyone knows a good book these kids could read, feel free to follow the links and send them a message.


tocororo_libre said...

they don't know any better.
The follow the media and artists like rage againts the machine,we need to reach out to them and tell them the real history about guevara ,just like I did to my girlfriend.
now she is not living any more under the dark umbrella of hollywood trash.

barrocas said...

Hello. This is a very interesting post. I am a member of the aforementioned generation and I completely agree with what you are saying. It's almost like a stunted generation; with no real goals or forward progress of any kind. Everybody is in make believe land. I cannot tell you how revolting it is for me that I can't walk through my college, or the mall, or South Beach without seeing atleast 10 or 15 Che t-shirts. I used to be able to just shrug things off, but I've become more politically energized lately and that's why I created I want to use the same mass appeal of t-shirts to spread a more positive, profound message. I have links attached to each shirt for various Cuban-American websites, including this one, in the hopes of introducing people who visit the site to the information stored in sites like this. Hopefully I can help people understand what the real Cuba is like and than they'll share that message whenever anyone asks them about their t-shirt.