Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Friggin told you so!

I knew that the temporary of victory of freedom loving Cuban-Americans displaying signs at the WBC in San Juan would be just that, temporary. Because the spineless Bud Selig and lackeys are now enforcing a "sportsmanship" rule and relieving people of their signs as they enter the ballpark. Me cago en ti Bud Selig si te agarro, te voy a descojonar.

From the Miami Herald.

Cuban officials eventually backed off their threat to pull out after tournament organizers agreed with their request to enforce a ''code of conduct'' that banned fans from entering with signs or banners that are ``in poor taste, are offensive or political in nature.''

Major League Baseball spokesman Patrick Courtney said similar codes of conduct are in effect at all 30 big-league ballparks but added that in the case of the games in Puerto Rico ''you also have a promoter involved'' who can impose even more draconian measures.
Don't blame the promoter Jackass it's your tournament.

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