Friday, March 10, 2006

Thank you Puerto Rico...

for kicking the crap out of fidel's team today and for defending our fellow Cuban-Americans who protested castro's egime at the game yesterday.


benning said...

Links, Senor Gomez, links!

benning said...

I enjoyed this quote, which seems to be a point of pride for the Cuban team?

"“We lost the battle but not the war. The war begins Sunday,” said manager Higinio Velez.

It’s just the second time Cuba has lost a game by the mercy rule. The other was against Taiwan in 1983.

“That means that Cuba is a great team because if not it would have lost many times under the mercy rule. But that’s only happened twice,” Velez said. “Our second-line pitchers did not come through and we couldn’t use our best pitchers today. That was the fundamental cause of our defeat.”"

Nice bit of logic, huh? Hehehee!

MSNBC's reporting on the game is here.

Also Anti-Castro sign sparks uproar