Friday, March 10, 2006

Now we'll see...

Now that some enterprising Cuban-Americans have made their presence felt at the WBC in San Juan we'll see what happens. The first round definitely was won by freedom loving people everywhere when the Cuban security goons, that were harassing the protestors who were holding a sign with the slogan "Down with fidel", were kicked out of the ballpark by Puerto Rican police.

But now the stakes have been raised. The Cuban team boycotted the post game press conference and threatened to pull out of the classic. Since Major League Baseball is dead set on making sure that this series goes off without a hitch, I would not be surprised to learn about new rules regarding signs that fans can display during the games. In this way castro will be able to exert his influence and even muzzle dissent in a US territory. Keep your eyes open for this, I'm telling you it's coming.

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