Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Spider Sense is Tingling

I don’t know but I feel like something is happening. In recent days Cuba has been in the news a lot. Aznar is urging Spain’s socialist government to return to a hard line policy on Cuba. Bush mentions Cuba in a speech he gives in the India. The fidelista propaganda machine is in overdrive. It feels like something is going to happen. This piece of propaganda openly considers what will happen when the tyranus maximus is longer. In this other propaganda piece Alarcon says “We will never return to the past; this country, its men, women and children will never go back to that system of dishonor, discrimination, and misery that Bush has proposed to impose on Cuba with his plan of occupation…"

Now I don’t believe the US has ANY intention of doing anything by way of armed conflict with Cuba because frankly, as Hymen Roth might say, castro is small potatoes. But the constant tone of paranoia makes me think that the insiders and sycophants in Cuba are beginning to worry about the inevitable end of the regime. It simply will not last forever and every day more grains of sand fall through that hourglass.

Hugo Chavez is another matter. Now he is attacking bloggers in the Venezuelan press, a sure sign that the truth is doing damage to his Bolivarian revolution. He has already threatened to cut off oil and gas sales to US, which by the way I don’t think would do anything to us because oil is a fungible commodity that is sold on open markets. Venezuela’s oil would simply go to other countries and we’d get oil that is usually earmarked for those countries.

Again, maybe I’m wrong but I see several immovable objects on a collision course. These are exciting times we are living in. Pressure, pressure, pressure! You hear that you come mierda, fidel?

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