Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Guess who's back!

Okay, so I was never really "gone," but since I did rather poorly in my classes last year (which I can't afford to do being a Grad student), I decided to work double time this year and make up for it. I'm back to what will hopefully be a more regular posting on this site. As usual, it's summer, and so I have plenty to travel in June and July. Nevertheless, I am a little inspired by Conductor's ability to travel and blog via a laptop, and so I am seriously considering on buying one so as to blog (among other internet activities) even when I out of town. We'll see what happens -time is key!

Some things I've learned these past months:
~That despite what many may think about the Vatican, many liberal Catholics who were once in love with fidel and the revolution now depise him and the current system.
~That when it comes to cuba, fidel, and che, there is no room for dialogue. Period.
~That from the movie trailer alone it is noticeable that an inconvenient truth is more like an incovenient grudge.
~That the key to fame is unfortunately has very little to do with how you live life, but how young and attractive you are when you die.
~That there is no peace without justice, no justice without truth, and no truth without love.

I'll blog on these and more throughout the week.


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