Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Two Letters

To the Miami Herald about Ana Menendez' column blasting Cuba Nostalgia.

Ana Menendez's May 24 column, Nostalgia is now for sale, and it's costly, was cynical and insensitive. She apparently does not understand or appreciate that the Cuban people who came to this country 45 years ago left everything they had in Cuba except the clothes on their backs.

For them to gather at Cuba Nostalgia is a time of remembrance. It also is an opportunity to have a cafecito, see people they haven't seen in a while and appreciate how far Cubans have come in those 45 years.


This column attacks the Cuba Nostalgia activity as if its promoters and attendees (Cubans, by the way) have sold our souls to the darkness by making the event ''the American Way.'' This article offends the creators of this concept event and offends me for spending my money to enjoy my culture and heritage.

Is it a business? Do organizers do this to make money? I am sure they do. What is wrong with that? Events such as this are one of the few opportunities that artists have to promote their art and sell it.

The Cuban-exile experience is one like no other, and is well written in history. What a success story.


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