Saturday, June 03, 2006

An Inconvenient Grudge

Those of us from Miami know that south Florida is/was swampland, and as many of us experience, south Florida floods easily -especially during hurricane season!

Well... Al Gore thinks differently.

In this trailer for Gore's movie: An Inconvenient Truth we see that not all of South Florida sinks easily:
If watching liberal spew gets you nauseated, then scroll to about a third of the way through -it's right after the glacier's melting.

Did you notice that not all of Florida sank? Did you realize that it was Miami?

Now, I could be wrong here, and I'm sure someone like Robert from the 26th Parallel could clarify, but why the hell is Miami -canal ridden, former swampland Miami- now an island?

Is this science or wishful thinking?

Well, let me fill you in on some more details.

The past five years that I've been away from Miami I've realized something the liberals really hate us Cuban-Americans for Gore losing in 2000. Remember the butterfly ballot fiasco that took place in West Palm Beach? Well, many liberals don't seem to recall this fact, and only recall how Miami's recount was haulted by the supreme court. Now, does the blaim go to the supreme court? Or does it go to faulty machines that created the famous hanging/dimpled chad? Well, I'm afraid to say no it does not. Believe it or not the majority of the blaim goes to the "Miami mafia" taking out revenge for what happened to Elian. There were even jokes on how the US should offer south Florida an opportunity to break and form it's own country.

Now granted, I've haven't heard these comments in some time now. It's almost been five years and many people have moved on.

Well, everybody but Al Gore. The same Al Gore who in this very trailer states: "I am Al Gore. I used to be the next President of the United States."

This "used to be next President" now wants us to believe that Miami will conviently become an osland? That is a wishful a thought as being the inventor of the internet.

This inconvenient truth is more like a inconvenient grudge that Gore seems unable to shake. The greatest inconvenience for Gore, nevertheless, is how this goes further to expose his incrediblity.

An inconvenient Grudge seems more like a convenient joke. A joke that's certainly not worth my time nor my money.


Orlando said...

Well it looks like California will be spared, I did not see it disappear under water. That is what you Floridians (and Miamians in particular) get for the hanging chads. Gore is going to turn you into the next Atlantis.

Robert said...

Actually, I'm a little surprised the map showed Miami remaining, even if as an island. You'd think Gore and the other far-left libs would want us to disappear.

The part about Katrina was the most disturbing for those of us who aren't reactionaries and seek the truth. Gore implies that Katrina was caused by global warming and that the disaster in New Orleans wouldn't have occurred if it wasn't for our irresponsibility in protecting our environment. What Gore conveniently left out of the video is that there has been intense hurricanes and massive amounts of death going all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century...back when Kilmanjaro had snow and the Polar regions were frigid. Galveston - 1900. Lake Okeechobee - 1928. Florida Keys - 1935. The list goes on.

Al Gore - inventor of the internet, expert on music censorship, climate expert. What DOESN'T the man know?

Anyone care to guess?