Thursday, June 01, 2006

No more room for dialogue.

Of all the various anti-fidel sites out there, I was probably the only one who used to be willing to enter into a conversation. Heck, I used to get more "conversation" mail than hate mail, and though this is not necessarily wrong, it is indeed pointless.

During my intense immerision into my studies this year, I decided to create another blog as an escape -you know- something more personal where I can vent about anything.

Never did I think that it would turn into an argument about Cuba.

In a response that a person gave to a comment I made, an all-out fight broke out online. The argument was very brief and very intense. I never mentioned my involvement with this site, my passion for Cuba, or my knowledge of Cuban history. Heck, I don't even go by songuacassal on the other site.

I wrote with the intention of correcting some misinformation that he posted. He wrote back as if he had never read my email and did so with a passion to "educate me." It was through this person's closed ears and open mouth that I realized what so many liked-minded people had told me in the past: there is no room for dialogue.

Annoyed, and in no mood for a discussion, I put one foot on the writings of the many great social reformers and the other foot right up fidel's, che's and this guy's asses. When I unleashed these two shotgun barrels of truth, he responded with a friendly "I guess we all have out different perspectives," coupled with other words of drivel and nonsense. I wrote back telling this person, in the most cordial manner possible, that he was a moron.

Dialogue is not about being cordial or being mean, nor is it the most intellectual pursuit to take. Dialogue, is the assumption that beneath it all there is a common ground simply masked by ones perspective. This may be true for some topics. However, when it comes to fidel there is no room for dialogue because there is no common ground. When it comes to issues of life or death, hope or despair, freedom or oppression, what common ground is there to claim?

There is no room dialogue between these positions, there are only choices. You'll make yours and I'll make mine. If we agree wonderful! If we don't then please move along.


Robert said...


Great post! Good to see you back posting.

Albert Quiroga said...

You are right. When it comes to some issues, there is no room for dialogue. Just intransigence. Like the intransigent determination to destroy kaSStro and all his enablers and camp-followers.

benning said...

But, but, but we must have dialogue. Why, without it, what will people think of us? Why, without dialogue, the Palestinians will be anry with us! Think of the North Koreans, man. We must dialogue with all the world's peoples.

Let's all hug, sway to the lyrics of "Kumbayahhh" and sip some tea, eh?



Sorry, I can't maintain that. Dialogue is for novels and plays, it ain't for folks trying to learn the truth.

Good on ya!

howarde said...

Dialogue is what you have with reasonable people who wish to understand and would like to know the truth. You cannot have a dialogue with an unrasonable person, and those who love fidel are almost always unreasonable. They are not in search of the truth, indeed they don't even want to know it. They have a set of beliefs and they do not wish to have truth interfere with their beliefs,

The rich and the famous in Hollywood, for example, profess to be socialoists and yet they do not live the life of a socialist; they profess to believe that the poor should be uplifted, but they live in luxury and squander millions on multiple homes while homeless people live on the beach in Santa Monica, just a stone's throw away.

Dialogue? You'll waste your time with such people.

Jose ( said...

Dialogue? What dialogue did we have when Castro took over Cuba, if you tried to have a dialogue, you would be sent to the firing squad. Like Howarde "The Great" explained, they don't even want to communicate. They don't like to argue either because they know that they are wrong. I dare them! Come on say something!!! You see nothing. Jose (

Songuacassal said...

Hey, I like tea... hehehe...