Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fidel may not be dead...

But he certainly is missing in action. Usually my google news alerts are filled with stories about fidel meeting this foreign leader or cutting a ribbon at a new facility, but there have been none of those stories in recent days since the rumors starting flying on the internet that he is either dead or gravely ill.

A quick perusal of the granma web site shows no mention of fidel other than a standing link to historical speeches and an old story about preparations for the monster's 80th birthday.

Either something is truly happening in Cuba or this is a stunt orchestrated by the regime so that fidel can have at least one last Lazarus moment.

It wasn't too long ago that he was on Cuban TV defending himself from Forbes accusations of a personal fortune of more than $900 million. But I guess when you are fast approaching 80, your health can a take a turn for the worst in heartbeat.

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Mark Holland said...

Dah! He's just turned up in Argentina. His fan club in the media are unlikely to say if he's looking frail though. They probably think he's been doing sit-ups with Breznev.