Monday, July 03, 2006

"The HOMOlution"

I direct your attention to the following two posts from the KillCastro blog.

In this one we learn about Cuba's new initiative to conduct free sex change operations and more.

I can just see THOSE operations! They can not extract a tooth with anesthesia I can just imagine what they will do to your winky-do.

I saw an old friend of mine in Kuba with a FREE hair transplant. I SWEAR it looked like a cheap doll with these little circles all over his scalp and tufts of hair coming out. IMAGINE letting THOSE doctors cut your penis off or turn your vagina into a dick.

Oh lord, have mercy!
And in this one we hear a true account about the repression homosexuals have historically faced in Cuba.
Paquito’s attire went a little over the rocker line (he was wearing eye make up) and once the MILICIANO noticed this all his anger went directed to Paquito. In a barrage of insults calling him every disparaging name that barely -educated prick could muster. His final words to Paquito were

“You fucking foggot , I am gonna beat the shit outta you”
Paquito without blinking and in his usual passive manner answer:

“I am a FOGGOT cause I like men, NOT because I am afraid of them ... so bring it on”

We were flabbergasted, the miliciano had no idea what to do , because Paquito was not at all a delicate little flower , he was tall and muscular. The miliciano retired and we had a fucking VICTORY celebration. Paquito became the neighborhoods hero.
Read, learn, laugh, cry.

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