Thursday, August 03, 2006

Image of the day

A little bit of background for those that are unfamiliar with Cuban history. When fidel castro arrived in Havana several days after Fulgencio Batista fled, some rival Revolutionary groups (yes that's right fidel's 26th of July movement was only one of many groups fighting against Batista) had stockpiled a cache of weapons and fidel had famously asked "¿Armas para qué?" (Weapons, for what?). With those famous words he shamed those groups into turning in the weapons.

Without armed opposition fidel was able embark on the terrible transformation of Cuba into a repressive Soviet client state. Of course many still resisted the regime but that's another story.

An "arpa" is a harp and fidel is asking the rhetorical question "Harps, for what?" as St. Peter prevents him from getting through the pearly gates.

Burn in hell you bearded bastard.

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