Thursday, August 31, 2006


You know what's really funny? How the official Cuban press hasn't stopped harping about the "Miami 5" or the Cuban 5 as we know them, even though they lost their appeal and their chances of getting their case heard by the Supreme Court are very very remote.

Every day my news alerts are filled with stories about "Solidarity with the Miami 5" or some such poppycock.

These poor schmucks are rotting away in prison, believing that they will be set free if Granma or Prensa Latina shouts about it enough. That's not the way things work here fellas. If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime (and keep your eye on the sparrow, LOL).


Marquito said...

In 2003 (if my memory is correct) I was in Hollywood, CA visiting family, and it just happened to be the day of a worldwide protest against the war on Iraq. A gathering of hippies, wanna-be hippies, communists, and other socially-dysfunctional people and assorted idealist marched down Hollywood Blvd. I sat at a sidewalk cafe watching the freaks march by. Suddenly, I see a Cuban flag being held up by a few guys, along with posters of the Cuban 5, calling for their release. Then I imagined them sitting in an American prison, getting 3 square meals a day, and contrasted that with an image of political prisoners in Cuba. I was angry, but my reaction was not violent. I wanted to walk up to these people and ask them if I could also march down a Havana street holding a Cuban flag, and demand the release of political prisoners in Cuba; peaceful dissidents who never gave information up leading to someones death. I wonder what would happen?

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Sorry "Anonymous" your propaganda is not permitted here. Go cry about your "Miami 5" somewhere else. Me estoy riendo a carcajadas que esos come mierdas están en la cárcel pudriéndose.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Dear "Anonymous" moderating comments on a blog is not "silencing dissent". You have the opporunity to take your lies and propaganda and create your own blog. I would defend your right to do this with my life.

But this is my forum not yours and you don't have any rights here. You would not allow me to come into your home and start re-arranging the furniture or go to the bathroom on your carpet.

In Cuba there is no free expression. Here you can say what you want but people don't have to listen. There's a big difference.

The Cuban 5 and their fellows are responsible for the death of 3 American citizens and a 4th resident. And you make excuses for them.

Now run along, you are boring me and your little comments aren't going to be posted. Kiss my Cuban-American ass.