Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Ballot

Tuesday is election day. We have party primaries, county commission seats, school board seats and judgeships on the ballot as well as a proposition to adjust the county charter. Here's my thoughts on the races I'll be voting on.

Republican Primary for U.S. Senator: Katherine Harris

Republican Primary for Florida Governor: Charlie Crist

Republican Primary for Florida CFO: Randy Johnson

Republican Primary for State Senate District 38: Alex Villalobos

County Commissioner District 8: Steve Sapp

Miami-Dade Home Rule Charter Amendment Relating to Salary of County Commissioners
Shall the Charter be amended to provide that County Commissioners no longer receive the $6,000 annual salary established in 1957, but shall receive instead the population based salary provided by State statutory formula (currently approximately $88,919) and used by other Florida counties, including Broward County? YES


Cubano Guarjiro said...

Hola, Soy un Cubano Americano and I read your blog daily. When I saw the you posted your pick for Goc choosing Crist I had to voice my discontent on your choice. The following reasons are why I cannot vote for him but will vote for Gallagher:

Charlie Crist has raised millions of dollars from liberal trial lawyers and big casino interests including Donald Trump and is using that money to attack Tom Gallagher.

Why? Because he does not want you to know the truth.

There is only one conservative capable of carrying on the legacy of Jeb Bush.

It is not Charlie Crist!

Learn the truth.

Charlie Crist

Crist supports a liberal Democrat spending plan that Jeb Bush says will raise your taxes.

Crist supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Crist supports civil union-style gay marriage.

Crist opposes a 24 hour waiting period before a doctor can perform an abortion.

Crist did not support the parental notification amendment.

Crist is endorsed by Donald Trump, most of the executive board of the Florida Academy of Trial Lawyers, the Sierra Club, and Watermark Online.Com, a Florida Online Gay and Lesbian Newspaper.

Tom Gallagher

Gallagher joins Jeb Bush in opposing the liberal Democrat class-size amendment so Florida can spend more money on quality teachers.

Gallagher is opposed to civil unions for gays and is a strong supporter of the Marriage Protection Amendment.

Gallagher has proposed a 24 hour waiting period before a doctor can perform an abortion.

Gallagher is endorsed by Dr. James Dobson, Florida Right to Life, over 100 prominent social conservative leaders, and the three immediate past Chairs of the Republican Party of Florida.

My web site can be reached at

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

I don't like either of the two candidates but of the two I like Charlie Crist better. For one thing this is a Republican primary and the objective is to get a Republican elected. Tom Gallagher has the great distinction of losing three races for governor. He's got the stench of loser attached to him. Charlie Crist on the other hand won the election for Attorney General and has a high profile in the state.

As for the class size amendment, I was against and still am against it but it was voted on by Florida voters and is presently enshrined in the constitution yet nothing has been done to even try to attain its goals. Just like the slot machines in Broward county the public speaks and the Tallahassee stalls.

If being in league with trial lawyers is a sin then the most guilty party has to be our very own Mel Martinez who is a trial attorney and I believe was president of one of their organizations (can't remember which one right now.)

Tom Gallagher was the insurance commissioner for 10 year and what? Buena mierda. Do you own a home?

I'm really disturbed by the anti-gay tactics used against Crist. There has been a whisper campaign about Crist's sexuality coming from the opposing camp and it's really embarrassing...for Gallagher. I don't care if Crist is as queer as a 3 dollar bill.

I don't mind civil unions. I honestly don't think the government should be in the business of sanctioning marriage, which to me is a religious institution. This whole gay marriage thing is a headache. If people only got married through a church then things would be much simpler. But we have this one area where allow Church and State to blend into the institution of marriage.

For more on your boy Gallagher read
this piece from the St. Pete Times

Guarjiro Cubano said...

I like the way you argue and appreciate your input into the debate. The debates between the two Rep showed me that Gallager stood up to answer tough questions but when Crist was asked key issue questions that concern me (abortion, Gay marriage, and a few other)all he did was get upset and not answer the questions. This reinforced my support for a man who you say smells like a loser.

Lee Iocca was a ten time loser but at least he went through the fire and his time tested experience made Chysler a top competitor. Gallager has the experience, he is a true conservative who does not have to hide behind ambiguity to get elected.

If it is true that birds of a feather flock together then when Sen. John McCain (RINO=republican in name only) campaigns for him it tells me que la politica es falsa. Jeb Bush picked Gallager and that says a lot. As for Martinez (who supports Crist) I love the way he fights for our people and to assist the freedon de nuestro pais Cuba, but I dont see him as a conservative on other issues. Pero I voted for him por que la veija who ran against him was to socialist for my taste.

A lo ultimo los polls show Crist in the lead y las ojas del tea dice que va ganar. De cualquel manera voy votar por Gallager. I am sure you will vote for Crist......I will support the republican nominee in the general election: :-)

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

I'm with you I'll vote for the Republican in November. But on Tuesday I'm voting for the guy I think can win in November. By the way I voted for Doug Gallagher (Tom's Brother) when he ran against Martinez for Senate.

Robert said...

Agree with your picks except for Harris and Sapp. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of Crist and Gallagher.

There's something about Harris that bugs me, despite the fact that she's been unfairly victimized by the lefties since the 2000 elections. This is a moot point since no one will beat Nelson in November.

As much as I'm tempted to vote against Sorensen (she's been in too long), she's one of our most reasonable and dedicated commissioners and she's earned her spot on the commission as far as I'm concerned.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Sorenson voted against the Marlins stadium. I know it's not a popular position to have but I'm for a publicly funded stadium. To me there is NO difference between the cultural importance of sports and other things like opera. In fact I would argue that nothing unites the community as much as our sports franchises.