Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Adidas!

That was the name of a song my Run DMC. I was reading Luis M. Garcia's blog, Child of the Revolution and he was commenting on how wearing the attire of the decadent west was once a crime in Cuba. But fidel has no problems wearing brand names.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, that jogging suit was worn by fidel before, when when Jimmy Carter visited Cuba in 2002. El maximo HP took the peanut farmer to a ballgame and he was wearing the jacket, which I guess was part of the gear of the official Cuban baseball team.

And that reminds me that when the Cuban national team played the Baltimore Orioles in Cuba (it must have been about 10 years ago) their gear was really terrible.

Their caps were those adjustable ones with the foam in the front and the plastic mesh in the back. When they arrived in the U.S. to play the second game in the exhibition they were presented with new caps by New Era (they make the official caps of major league baseball). These caps were fitted, wool ballcaps like the pros wear.

Since then I guess fidel has been self conscious about the way the Cuban athletes look when they are competing and so you see that they have gear from Germany (Adidas) and Japan (Mizuno).

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benning said...

These companies give the word 'enabler' a very bad connotation. What is the insanity of supposed paragons of 'free enterprise' cozying up to the very enemy of such capitalistism?

Do they lose their minds at a certain monetary level?