Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Election Results - UPDATED

Charlie Crist wins in a landslide proving that Tom Gallagher has the stench of a loser. Maybe try getting rid of the powdered wig there Tom. That look went out of style back when Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died in 1826.

Alex Villalobos squeaks a narrow win over Frank Bolaños proving that it takes more than money to win elections. I think the public rejected the negative campaign tactics of Bolaños, I know I did. If Bolaños had just spent his money outlining a conservative vision instead of trying to brand his opponent as a liberal, he probably would have won.

Katherine Harris proves that she's still popular among the state's Republicans and that name recognition is still a very important factor. However it's highly unlikely that she'll unseat incumbent Bill Nelson who has even more name recognition and has not been controversial in his 6 years in Washington.

Randy Johnson also won his bid to be the Republican candidate for State CFO in November. I'm 4 for 4 so far. Tom Lee won this race, Randy Johnson carried Miami-Dade County but not the state.

Katy Sorenson will be returning to the County Commission.

And the County Commissioners won't be getting a pay raise.

Most of the candidates for the judgeships I voted for won. I had to get advice from my attorney friends who provided me with survey results from the Cuban American Bar Association about the qualifications of each candidate.

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Srcohiba said...

Actually Tom Lee won the GOP primary for CFO.

It's too bad that the GOP did not field a better candidate for US Senate. Harris is a joke which was proven with her comments the other day about religion which flies in the face of the Constitution, and the writings of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.