Wednesday, September 06, 2006

USA beats Cuban baseball team for Gold

The US baseball team, made up mostly of minor leaguers and college players, beat the Cuban team (the same Cuban team that played in the World Baseball Classic in March) 8-5 yesterday to win the gold medal in the pre-Olympic qulaifying tournament. Congrats to the old Red, White and Blue. More info here.

Oh and look at this picture of someone being "escorted" from the stadium in Havana for celebrating with in American flag.

Typical castro-communist bullcrap.


Enrique said...

esa foto no me dice mucho. lo mas seguro que el policia les estaba diciendo que se sentaran para que el que estuviera sentado pudiera seguir viendo el partido..

nada, cosas de cuba

mira las otras fotos que consegui

La Ventanita said...

ahhh, the mighty Cuban team got beat by a bunch of college kids????

Only goes to show that the US professional team needs to somehow get more practice before international competition, or need to play with the heart, like the college kids.

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...


I think your first comment is correct. The WBC team didn't play together at all before the tournament. These guys on the Olympic team have been together for a while and played in these types of tourneys before.